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COVID-19 UPDATE AS OF 7/7: Reopening on August 17th with limited enrollment. Learn more.

CDC: How To Wear A Mask


If you currently have your tuition payments scheduled to auto-deliver to the schools from your bank, JBS will, unfortunately, not be able to deposit these and will void your whatever checks arrive. All tuition payments from April 1 until schools reopen must be made through PayPal.  


Need help establishing a daily routine for your child? We created a suggested schedule based on your child's normal school day! You can find these schedules on our Facebook and Instagram page. Remember: we do not expect you to fill your child's day with 6 hours of learning, but completing their work in the same time frames might help! Our goal is to help all students have an easy return to school. It's especially important for our littlest learners to stay on the same schedule for eating and napping.


Follow along with Ms. Gordon in this germ experiment to teach your child the importance of hand washing.


The CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. Download and print our handwashing flyer so your child can sing our school song while washing their hands. 

MSDE Required Forms


Uniforms are required for all students from September through June, including winter and spring breaks. Students are not required to wear uniforms during our summer program. Please label all clothes and personal belongings with your child’s first and last names. This includes change of clothes, outerwear, hats, gloves, and scarves.  The school cannot be held responsible for lost items. For specific uniform requirements, see uniform checklist below. 



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