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2.5 to 5 years old

Our Primary Class is for children, ages 2.5 to 5 years old, who are fully potty trained. 


We offer a morning Montessori class from 8:30 AM – 11:15 AM (Primary AM) or an afternoon Montessori class from 12:15 PM – 3:00 PM (Primary PM). Both options can be full day by adding Before/After Care & Summer.  


Children of this age exhibit a great amount of curiosity and have a tremendous capacity for learning. The Montessori classroom at this level is designed to allow your child to explore their environment with their senses: touching, seeing, hearing, etc. They absorb facts presented to them about the world.

Mixed Ages Class

Primary students spend part of their day in a mixed ages class with Kindergarteners. This creates a strong sense of community in class. Younger children gain security from the older students. Older students gain confidence from mentoring their younger classmates.

Montessori Lessons

Montessori Lessons are given in three ways; large group, small group, and individual. Unlike traditional schools where the class learns at one pace together, in a Montessori Classroom, everyone progresses at their own speed. Our trained Montessori Directresses are able to work one-on-one with students as needed. Working at their own pace, your child will become a confident, independent lifelong learner. 


Practical Life

The lessons in practical life are varied and help to develop many skills. The materials include things found in a child's daily life. These materials are used to develop self-control, fine motor skills and concentration. For example, pouring between two glass pitchers requires the child to carry the tray slowly to the work area (concentration);  the child then begins to pour water from one pitcher to the other (self-control and coordination); if the child spills some of the water, he or she cleans up the mess with a sponge (problem-solving). The ultimate goal is the development of an independent child.


The specially designed Montessori equipment in this area is used to complement the developmental stages children are entering. This equipment develops problem solving skills by using the child’s senses. One of  the most recognizable pieces of Montessori equipment worldwide is the Pink Tower. The Pink Tower consists of  ten cubes in gradually decreasing size. The children carry the tower to their mats one cube at a time. Once the cubes are assembled on the mat, the children grade them by size, then build the tower. The tower is then taken  down one cube at a time and, starting with the largest cube, returned to the shelf. The children are encouraged  to recognize problems and solve them independently. For example, if a child has a cube left over when the tower is presumed complete, he or she knows a mistake has been made.


Language is phonetically introduced to all the children. The children learn small groupings of sounds and progress at their own pace through a sequential curriculum, which culminates with reading. Once the children recognize the alphabet by sound, then initial sounds, ending sounds, blends and spelling are introduced. This process takes time to truly become concrete; a life-long love of reading is our goal.


Math is introduced as a journey from concrete to abstract. The children manipulate concrete materials and then match those to the abstract symbol representation of the number. The materials continue to advance through odd-even, introduction of the decimal system—unit, ten, hundred, thousand—and concrete addition, subtraction,  multiplication and division.


The Montessori classroom is rich with cultural experiences for the child. Geography is introduced by  large maps of the continents as well as the world. Subjects are broken down into components which can be  enjoyed by the child. For example, parts of trees are introduced with vocabulary—branches, roots, trunk, leaves.  Art appreciation and classical music are also a part of the child’s daily class.

All of the materials within this environment are scientifically designed to naturally progress with each child’s learning needs. 

Share Your Class Night:

Share Your Class Night is a cherished tradition at Julia Brown Schools. Twice a year, parents are invited to join their child in our Montessori School. Children love showing their parents around their classroom and demonstrating their favorite Montessori materials.

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