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15 months to 2 years old

Our traditional Montessori program is tailored to the unique needs of toddlers, ages 15 months to 2 years old. This program is 5 days a week, from 8:30 AM - 2:45 PM, and focuses on the development of the whole child. Daily activities, led by a trained Montessori Directress, include circle time, age-appropriate Montessori materials, and outside play time. To promote independence, we will help your child with toilet training. 


Using basic Montessori materials this program will encourage your child’s development of:

  • Independence

  • Ability to follow simple directions

  • Learning of order

  • Listening

  • Social skills

  • Table manners

Before/After Care & Summer can be added to this class.


Our classroom environment is child accessible with active opportunities for individual growth and development.  Low shelves allow children to choose their own materials and take them off the shelf without any help.


Toddlers are required to wear the school uniform. Toddlers should be dressed in comfortable clothing, adhering to our school colors of navy and khaki.

Toilet Training

In keeping with Montessori philosophy of promoting independence, we will assist your child with toilet training. This allows for a smooth transition into preschool. Backpacks are provided to all our toddlers so that daily needed items of: diapers/pull-ups/training pants, and changes of clothing can be transported back and forth to school easily.


Practical Life

After snack and lunch, our nurturing staff will provide special care and time to show the children how to wash hands, put coats on and other daily experiences of life.

Share Your Class Night

Share Your Class Night is a cherished tradition at Julia Brown Schools. Twice a year, parents are invited to join their child in our Montessori School. Children love showing their parents around their classroom and demonstrating their favorite Montessori materials.

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