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10 Reasons to Stay at JBS for Your Child's Kindergarten Year

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

1 Opportunity to Lead

For two years your child has been mentored by the Kindergarteners in the JBS mixed ages class. Now in their Kindergarten year, your child has the unique opportunity to lead the class; growing from helping younger students.

2 Valued By Staff

Our small class sizes mean that over the years our dedicated and professional staff has had the opportunity to know your child extremely well. Staying in a program where the teacher knows your child's strengths and weaknesses is beneficial to their academic development.

3 Work At Their Own Pace

Our Montessori curriculum is more advanced than a traditional Kindergarten curriculum, which often repeats topics they already learned in preschool. At JBS, your child can work at their own pace and challenge themselves. In a traditional Kindergarten class, your child will have to wait for the rest of the class before advancing.

4 Another Year of Self Choice

Let your child enjoy another year of choosing work from our comprehensive curriculum that interests and excites them. The rigid structure of a traditional school may leave your child feeling bored and frustrated.

5 Let Them Stay Excited

It’s not uncommon for children who have attended Montessori school to stop being excited to go to school once they switch to a traditional school. JBS focuses on the joy of learning itself and not memorizing concepts only to check it off the list. Our Kindergarten Program helps your child become a lifelong learner.

6 Continue to Learn, Not Memorize

We pride ourselves on our learning methods. Our programs focus on your child's true understanding of a concept instead of rote memorization and repetitive drills.

7 Stay Advanced

At JBS, your child is learning about artists like Picasso, and reading books on their own. A traditional Kindergarten Class is still learning basic colors and letter recognition.

8 Build Their Self-Esteem

Having an active role in their learning builds confidence and self-esteem in your child. Our Kindergarten Program encourages your child's independence. At a traditional school, your child will become a passive learner.

9 Avoid A Premature Transition

Your child has the opportunity to stay in a familiar learning environment until the end of 3rd Grade. Many parents worry that if they do not transition at Kindergarten, their child will not be accepted at other schools. In our 50+ years of experience, we have found that schools are happy to welcome our JBS grads during their 4th Grade year.

10 Best Interest in Mind

At JBS, your child is our priority. Small class sizes, caring staff, and a team dedicated to helping your child be the best version of themselves is hard to come by. We know you have many choices when choosing your child's education, and we're grateful to have the opportunity to watch your child grow.

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