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10 Signs of an Authentic Montessori Program

How do I know if a school has a true Montessori program?

Use this checklist to guide you.

Children of mixed ages. This is the basic tenant of the Montessori philosophy. Learn more.

A full set of authentic Montessori materials.These should be clean and in good repair.

Children working independently or in small groups. This flexibility is intended to allow each child to progress at his or her own rate. The child will therefore know the feeling of success.

Clean, organized, and peaceful surroundings without clutter. Montessori classrooms should have the emphasis on the materials, not on decorations.

Materials being handled with extreme care. The precise use of the materials aids in concentration.

The class is quiet and calm class during learning time. A calm environment contributes to the development of concentration.

The Directress should play a passive role in the class. The Montessori method is one of self-teaching through the use of materials. The focus is not on the teacher, but the child.

Children choosing their work freely. Research has shown that children have a natural tendency to choose work, which fulfills an inner need. It is important for them to be able to repeat an activity until that need is met.

Professional staff smiling and gentle in approach to care. There should be joy in the learning process.

I have a feeling of comfort when the tour/observation is over.



Authentic Montessori Program Checklist
Download P • 42KB

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