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Julia Brown's Unique Connection To The Founder of Montessori

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

If you’re a Montessori fan, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Maria Montessori....⁣

But, have you heard of Margaret Homfray? ⁣

Learn how the founder of our school is connected to these important women of Montessori. ⁣

Margaret was trained directly by Maria Montessori and spent a great deal of time with her. She was later chosen by Maria to go to America to train a small group of women (the first group in the entire country). ⁣

So how does this relate to our very own, Julia Brown? Ms. Brown was trained by Margaret!

Ms. Brown is very well-respected in the Montessori community and has traveled the world presenting her thoughts on the Method she truly believes in. She even received her Montessori diploma from St. Nicholas, Maria Montessori’s prestigious training center in London. ⁣

We’re lucky to have the best. ⁣


You can read more about Ms. Brown here.

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